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What is Fragment Engine?


Ah, Fragment Engine. A project that will probably take my entire life to complete because I am but one man and there’s only so much time I have on this planet (Unless my plans for cybernetic immortality come to fruition, but we’re not there yet). Since literally nobody but some friends and a few of my lecturers at university have ever heard of this thing, I’ve decided to write about what exactly it is.

It Begins


Welcome to my portfolio site or whatever this turns out to be!

I’ll be using this site to act as a public diary of sorts, as well as to post info and updates about my various projects and generally act, as I said above, as a portfolio. I even plan to do some programming tutorials, both beginner and advanced for things I find neat!

I’ll continue to update my site over the next few weeks – for real this time – and hopefully have something professional that I wouldn’t be entirely embarrassed to show to people.