Master of Dev

The Return of the Development King


Ok, so my domain ‘’ might be considered a tiny bit extremely narcissistic, but a friend suggested it when .dev domains were first announced and I just had to buy it. And then, after wrangling SSL certs into place…nothing. But that changes today. Today, I am back.

To be entirely honestly, my previous website – entirely written by yours truly – was built on pretty shaky ground. Hey, if you knew the URL, you could write any posts you wanted pretending to be me since I hadn’t implemented auth yet. That’s how shaky it was… I’ve decided to give in and am now using the significantly more user friendly WordPress as a basis, hosted by my NovaDawn Studios network, naturally (That actually just saves me a ton of effort rigging up a new WordPress install, so shush). Maybe, with an interface I don’t hate massively, I’ll actually post more. Fingers crossed, eh?

Speaking of NovaDawn, I don’t want to spoil too much, but we’ve got a big project in the works, so follow that blog alongside this one to keep updated, you hear!

Anyway, for now, I’ll sign off. But I’ll be back… You bet I’ll be back…