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A story-heavy murder mystery game co-developed with my partner and built on Godot. Take control of an amateur detective, recently awoken from cryosleep on a stranded spaceship. While the crew set about fixing the vessel, a murder occurs, and you must find out who did it.

And then another one occurs.

And then another.


Main Site

A (currently shelved) game co-developed with partner. A semi-open world RPG following five young adults and their investigation unraveling the secrets of their superpowers and the conspiracies surrounding them.



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MarkDialogue is a narrative focused subset of MarkDown (specifically a subset of the Obsidian flavour). By allowing a writer to create a text script using a natural script-writing style, then augmenting it with logic, the resulting MarkDown file can then be fed into any compatible game engine and proper branching narrative can occur.

This project is similar to other dialogue systems such as Yarn Spinner and Ink, but designed to be as natural as possible for a person already used to writing in MarkDown. In addition, through the use of an Obsidian style plugin, additional syntax highlighting can be added for MarkDialogue scripts if desired.

While the underlying system is currently being built for use in Godot, the syntax is an open standard and can freely be used in any system for any other game engine.

Fragment Engine

There have been a few posts on this blog back in 2017, before I dropped off the face of the planet for a bit. Fragment Engine was my attempt at making a general purpose game engine, along the lines of something like Unity or Unreal, albeit one that’s a lot smaller in scope. I definitely got quite far with it, but eventually my course ended, I got a real job and Fragment Engine disappeared. I hope to resurrect it at some point in the future, but for now, this can be considered a dead project.